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The DNI is a registered charity, a business and a Centre of Excellence for the care of patients with neurological disease including Parkinson’s disease, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), Stroke, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Headache, Neuropathy, Myopathy and Muscular dystrophy.

We are based in a renovated Georgian house on the campus of the Mater University Hospital on Eccles Street. We aim to provide high quality care to our patients provided by consultants, non-consultant hospital doctors, clinical nurse specialists and services allied to medicine. By offering this multidisciplinary team approach, patients travelling distances can be seen not just by a doctor but also by a physiotherapist, as well as provided other services. Post-pandemic we are piloting the introduction of virtual clinics as an addition to our services to enhance our patient care.

Hand-in-hand with good specialist clinical care we are increasing education, research and innovation in clinical neuroscience. The marriage of both clinical care and academics leads to better care for patients. For example, the DNI has a number of research projects ongoing, studying different aspects of gait, reaction times, and skin sebum production in Parkinson’s disease in addition to other studies looking at genetics and biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease and drug discovery in neurodegenerative disease including Parkinson’s and frontotemporal dementia. 5,550 outpatients were looked after in our clinics in 2020, both in person and virtually. This was an increase of 20% over 2019 despite the challenges of the pandemic and reflects the ever-growing demand for neurological services.

The DNI can only be a success if we have sustained funding to retain staff and expand our services. The funding situation has become significantly more challenging after the impact of the pandemic on the general fundraising environment. I would welcome and urge people to help support some of our fundraising efforts throughout the year and welcome any thoughts and advice you may have with regard to how we can continue to expand, develop and maintain our services now and into the future.

Professor Tim Lynch
Consultant Neurologist & Clinical Director
The Dublin Neurological Institute


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