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Dublin Neurological Institute

Address: 57 Eccles St, Dublin, D07 W7XF

CHY No. 19722

RCN No. 20077954

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Mater Hospital

Address: Eccles St, Dublin 7, D07 R2WY

Phone: 01-8032000

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For general enquiries only

    If you have been referred to a Consultant Neurologist by your GP and you wish to attend on a private basis you need to contact the secretary of the Consultant you have been referred to in order to book an appointment.

    Each Consultant has their own secretary and the contact details for each are listed below. The Dublin Neurological Institute does not book private appointments.

    To make or change an appointment with a private neurologist please use the following contact numbers.

    Consultant: Contact:
    Prof. Tim Lynch 01-8545036
    Dr. Roisin Lonergan 01-6854121, [email protected]
    Prof. Peter Kelly, private: 01-2483166, [email protected]
    Dr. Ronan Kilbride, private: 01-2483166, [email protected]
    Prof. Sean Murphy, private: 01-6579000
    Prof. Michael Marnane, private: 087 707 7251
    Dr. Blanco 087 863 3620
    If you are an existing patient of the Dublin Neurological Institute and wish to change or rearrange your appointment or speak to the secretary please contact the relevant clinic from the list below:

    Clinic Contact
    Neuromuscular (Dr. Smyth)
    Hypertension (Dr. Dolan)
    Physiotherapy (Ms. Grainne McKeown)
    Neurovestibular (Dr. Lonergan)
    Complex Epilepsy (Dr. Kilbride)
    MS Management (Dr. Lonergan)
    Migraine Clinic (Dr. Lonergan) Day Ward 01-8545258
    Neurovascular Stroke (Prof. Marnane & Prof. Murphy) 01-8545038
    Day Infusion Suit 01-8545042

    If you are an existing patient of the Mater Hospital and/or the Dublin Neurological Institute and wish to speak to a Clinical Nurse Specialist the contact details are as follows:

    Department Contact
    MS Nurse Specialist 01-8544173
    Movement Disorder Nurse Specialist 01-8034359
    Epilepsy Nurse Specialist 01-8034172
    Headache Nurse Specialist 01-8545088
    Stroke Nurse Specialist 01-8032000
    DBS Nurse Specialist 01-8545089

    If you are a Public Patient of the Neurology Service in the Mater Hospital under the care of:

    • Prof. Tim Lynch Consultant Neurologist
    • Prof. Peter Kelly Consultant Neurologist
    • Dr. Shane Smyth Consultant Neurologist
    • Dr. Roisin Lonergan Consultant Neurologist
    • Dr. Killian O’Rourke Consultant Neurologist
    • Dr. Richard Walsh Consultant Neurologist

    Please telephone the Neurology Department of the Mater Hospital on:

    • 01-8034522 
    • 01-8034544 
    • 01-8034618
    • 01-8034686 
    • 01-8035427

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