What does a Neurologist do?

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In the following article Prof. Tim Lynch describes the essentials of the role of the Neurologist. The text is reproduced here and is also provided as a download (PDF) at the end of the article. With the principle, that if you want to explain something in an effective manner – think of your target audience as young children – we also provide a download of a presentation Prof. Lynch made to 5th and 6th class pupils recently. The presentation is not fully complete as it does not contain accompanying video but gives a clear outline of the talk.

MDS-ES Virtual School for Young Neurologists

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The MDS-European Section School for Young Neurologists is an opportunity for young neurologists who are interested in specializing in Movement Disorders to receive in-depth instruction from internationally recognized Movement Disorders experts. In 2020 the course directors were Prof Tim Lynch and Dr Eavan Mc Govern delivering an Regional Online Course via streaming.

Video: Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

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Please watch this creative video explaining Parkinson’s Disease from an innovative perspective created by UCD 2nd Year Medical students. The talented creators are Nicholas Loe, Tze Chien Low, Art Lynch, Tlamelo Malima, Aoife Mangan and Mouayad Masalkhi.

DNI 2020 Spring Newsletter

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We have published our 2020 Spring Newsletter. Full of interesting articles about the past year and including reflections by Prof. Tim Lynch (Clinical Director) about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the DNI and what are the future challenges.

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