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An art exhibition will be held in The Centre for Brain Health, Dublin Neurological Institute, Mater University Hospital on 26, 27 & 28 November. Paintings and sculptures will be on display in No 57 Eccles Street from 11 am – 6pm on the above dates. Many of the paintings are the work of patients who have a neurological disease. It is a wonderful exhibition of positivism and skill. In the Centre for Brain Health, doctors and nurses witness on a daily basis the willpower of patients who are determined to exploit their talents through art, dancing, music & sport.

Prof Tim Lynch, Consultant Neurologist has said ‘It is very important that patients adopt a positive and focused attitude to their lifestyle following diagnosis. Many of our patients are accomplished artists, singers, line dancers and athletes. We at the Centre for Brain Health, DNI Mater know that to keep the brain healthy we need to sleep well, eat well, laugh a lot, be physically active and intellectually busy. Brain connections (synapses) increase in number and strength when our brain is busy and active. Performing or appreciating art is a fantastic scientific way of activating our brains. One of our volunteers (who is a classical pianist) plays the piano in the waiting room of the Centre for Brain Health. She encourages and helps patients who have a neurological disorder to play the piano and finds it encouraging that the music returns to those who may have played in their youth’.

This art exhibition is a celebration of wonderful achievements & positive thinking.

For further information please call: 087 637 6563

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