Update: This powerful and emotional documentary was replayed on RTE 1 on the 10th January 2019. As a result you will be able to view it on the RTE Player for the next month. Find it at this link or use ‘Find’ and enter ‘My Broken Brain’ in the RTE player options. Read more about the programme below.

There was a profound and emotional response to ‘My Broken Brain’ a documentary that aired on RTE1 last Tuesday 17th July. Focusing on the lives of patients suffering from debilitating neurological diseases and the medical professionals (including Prof. Tim Lynch and the Dublin Neurological Institute) that work with them to treat, manage and support their conditions. Viewers took to social media to express their admiration and respect for all who participated in the programme with descriptions such as ‘heartbreaking’, ‘uplifting’ and ‘humbling’ and seeking to express hope for the future while acknowledging the terrible adversity that sufferers of these neurological diseases must contend with. If you want to understand just some of the realities that over 700,000 people in Ireland who suffer from these conditions have to endure, you can see the programme replayed on the RTE Player (available until Thursday 16th August 2018). We strongly recommend you view this powerful documentary.

Click on the image (link) below to view the RTE Player via a browser online or alternately you will be able to find the programme through the RTE Player App available for mobiles/tablets or via the RTE player service on your TV provider(s).

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